We do not change a winning formula … We renovate it! For its second year in a row, the Mawjoudin association will rein the “Mawjoudin Queer* Film Festival” in March 2019, still in Tunis.

This young initiative, dedicated in its first edition to the 7th Art, will present for a second edition solid film Screeings coming straight from the “global south to modify”. The edition will also include various artistic disciplines and will answer to national and foreign guests.

The organizers concoct for its festival-goers a series of short films and feature films, centered mainly on the question of non-normative gender and sexuality.

The festival aims to be bold, and will focus on the inter-sectional approach in the fight against discrimination and repression based on gender. Its artistic programming, which will be unprecedented, will rhyme with discoveries, push for reflection, debate and exchange, and aspire to shed light on basic notions, which are blurred or even erroneous in the collective unconscious.



*Queers, Intersex, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Travestis, Lesbian, Gay, Dykes, Kuchus, Faggots, Gender-Queer, non-binary, Gender-Variant or non-conforming, Femme, Butch, Asexual, Demisexual or Greysexual, Two-Spirit, Stud, Undefined, Questioning…